How Dust Can Affects Your Solar Panels

How Dust Can Affects Your Solar Panels

The effectiveness of your solar panels can decrease from 35% to 80% with just an small amount  of dust on the cells, this being the main consequence due to two effects of dust on your main renewable energy receiver…

We live in an expanding society with constant industrial and technological growth thirsty for more and more energy. And although the general use in nations is for non-renewable energy, there are many reasons for a change.

• Less consequences on the environment with the use of clean energy

• Instability in fuel prices

• Lack of access to crude oil by developing countries

For 2030 there are goals, according to the United Nations, of greater use of renewable energy. Even specialists point out that by 2040 clean energies will be 50% of the world’s energy contribution.

And one of the many sustainable energy methods may come to mind: solar panels. Energy achieved through light, a photovoltaic process is what these panels carry out thanks to a source that could be said to be infinite, the Sun.

Solar farms are one of the main sources of renewable energy today, with different systems created for homes that can even be affordable for people with scarce resources.

In the future it will represent advances in any area of ​​daily life and also its demand will increase, therefore, its feasibility study is always present. And one of the common problems with panels is low efficiency.

Dirt, dust, and fungi formed by humidity represent the main problems your solar panel will face. The most common and the one that goes unnoticed until you see that the energy levels are getting lower and lower as time goes by is dust.

Dust can reduce the efficiency of your photovoltaic cell depending on the climatic conditions of your geographical location. Believe it or not, there are seasons when your panel is more affected, for spring or summer the photovoltaic production decreases even more than in winter or autumn.

The percentages vary, but can range from 32% to 80%. Not at all encouraging values ​​if you understand that your panel can have an average life of 25 years, and that just to recover the energy used to build it takes about 6 years.

Every joule not received is time and money wasted

The two main effects of dust on your cell are

1. By resting on your panel it prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating the cell and therefore less photovoltaic production

2. The panel has movement sensors that track the direction of the sun, if they are covered by dust their function is delayed and even failed.

However, and as I said at the beginning, our society has come a long way regarding the importance of renewable energy for a sustainable tomorrow that we all need.

That is why the solution for these two effects of your panels is easily removable; the control of dust on the areas near the panels is relevant for better efficiency.

Eco-Soil Group always at the forefront and integrity in its values has products that are friendly to the environment and that easily solve your dust control related-problems. On the one hand, esoliTSS® a copolymer dust suppressant, can control dust for long periods of time with only one application.

And on the other hand, we have a product that always surprises, since it controls dust without the use of ater, econTDS®, a synthetic fluid that allows you to control dust in simple steps, for months and even years.

Our team of engineers is always ready to answer your questions, remember that your solar panels are advanced tools that require special care, and for this we have special products with maintenance and dust control plans adapted to your requirements.

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