Dust! The Big Enemy of Great Global Wind Farms

Dust! The Big Enemy of Great Global Wind Farms

Thanks to the great demand for the rise of wind turbines and the creation of farms for renewable energy, there are more and more studies being carried out on this particular way of generating sustainable energy. These studies help to maintain the operation of these large wind turbines, which can reach heights of more than 100 meters and also help to increase damage prevention.

Before you worry about the situation of your wind farm, about the serious consequences of the decrease in wattage generated, about the costs of calling in engineers who will not want to go up to check the blades, we tell you: there are solutions – yes, more of one- and one of them totally preventive and sustainable.

The great global wind farm is reaching impressive levels of energy production, however, these devices suffer from the consequences of being outdoors: raindrops, snow, and of course, dust.    

These small particles are insignificant to us, but for a propeller reaching 150 mph (or more), they become abrasive agents that cause very high levels of erosion on the blades, which is known as leading edge erosion.

The process of erosion of the propellers or blades as they are also known- begins with a few small holes near the leading edges of your blade. We must understand that we are talking about small particles that are affecting your investment at very high speeds.    

These holes increase in number very close to each other and form a slot, which, thanks to the speed of the blades and the forces of nature, will grow in density and size. This process will cause a separation of the multiple layers that protect the propeller as a consequence.

The negative consequences reach the aerodynamic effects of the turbine, taking different magnitudes depending on the severity of the erosion on the leading edges. In case studies by simulation, it has been determined that the performance levels can vary from 6 to 500% as one passes from a simple erosion to a stronger one.

In energy terms, we are talking about 3 to 5% annual energy losses, more critical numbers have reached 25% when erosion goes from holes to delamination. All this translates into losses for your pocket, which makes your Return on Investment (ROI) take longer.

One of the sophisticated solutions, to avoid this damage, are the coatings that are made to the blades of wind turbines to improve their chemical and mechanical resistance by combining different polymers with excellent properties for your farm.

Better Safe than Sorry!    

 Prevention is the most important thing, avoiding headaches, important expenses, and extending the useful life of this valuable resource that will help create a sustainable tomorrow. Eco-Soil Group has at your disposal two products that will help you eliminate dust in environments close to the farm. 

EconTDS is a waterless synthetic fluid that can significantly reduce dust levels so blades are not pitted by these small particles. And it is that with this product you avoid these problems – with just one application you can control dust for months even years.

We also offer esoliTSS that with a small dose of application per square meter you can create a surface layer that will prevent that blissful erosion on the leading edges of your blades and therefore optimizing the performance of your wind farm generating more annual wattage and recovering the investment more quickly.

Green solutions for people who are already supporting a sustainable future.           

Decrease high levels of erosion on the blades and increase your wind farm production by using our Eco-friendly and High-performing dust suppressants. If you are interested and want to effectively control dust on your renewable energy projects just click here today and book your FREE Technical Consultation with us:


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