Nine Safety Advices to Consider In Your Dust Control Projects

Nine Safety Advices to Consider In Your Dust Control Projects

  1. Prevention / Avoid the formation of dust at first

Prevention is better than regret, which is why avoiding the formation or distribution of dust throughout work areas is one of the main rules to follow. There are multiple actions that you can perform in your mine for this: good storage of the extracted ore, cover the material transported by the trucks, create defense barriers that counter act the speed of the air, among others.

  1. Attack dust directly from the point of origin

A simple and quick method to avoid generating dust clouds is to attack the problem at its root. With appropriate collection and separation methods according to each area of the mine you can reduce the levels of particulate matter in the environment. It is important to verify and study each of the sites where the collection systems will be placed so that the solution is fully adapted.

  1. Protect your team every time

It’s not just about giving the protective equipment to your workers, it’s about giving them the protective equipment that suits the job. Keep the work area as clean as possible as well as uniforms or work clothes. Waste must be collected and taken to the site as indicated by local regulations.

  1. Use materials with lower dust generation

It is common to see these types of changes as an expense and increase in costs in the general budget, however, they end up being much more effective in the cost ratio, being even generators of long-term savings. Using dust suppressors in small doses at strategic points of dust generation give positive results.

  1. Keep work environments closed

This rule applies even in open sky projects, since it invites you to evaluate if the machinery with which they work has closed cabins and the necessary ventilation so that the working conditions of the operator are favorable. Working with enclosed spaces that include extraction and ventilation systems is the best option to avoid the formation of the so-called fugitive dust that manages to reach nearby communities.

  1. Monitor dust generation points

Monitor the dust deposited at a point (the particulate matter in suspension) and evaluate which method can be used (gravimetric is one of the most common). List the sites where dust is generated the most, and place a monitor at that point to evaluate the progress of the other rules!

  1. Train staff

Your personnel understands that dust is a problem for them and for the rest, but it is highly recommended that they be told the dangers that come with the job, ways to prevent dust in their area and how that will improve the quality of life of all their colleagues, including nearby populations,  in addition to an increase in productivity. Train them in the use of dust monitors.

  1. Perform maintenance on all extraction and ventilation equipment

In a large number of the processes of crushing, grinding and transporting ore through belts, these dust extraction equipment are found, and preventive and corrective maintenance is required according to the volume of work. Such equipment is vital for good working conditions and to achieve an adequate visual inspection of the material worked.

  1. Create a dust management plan

You already have everything you need to control dust following these rules, now you just need to create a work plan that includes qualified personnel, effective personalized solutions and evaluation and continuous improvement.

Select the Best Dust suppressant

We understand that there is an almost infinite number of dust suppressants, and among them a few stand out, such as the traditional ones based on chloride sales and others that continue to use water, probably without knowing the non-inefficient result as a suppressant and the costs that it entails on a daily basis.

Currently there are new products that help you avoid the suspension of particles in an effective, eco-friendly way, and saving operating costs for your project. One of them is econTDS® which can control dust without using water for its dilution, it is applied as it is. Lasting for months and even years with just one application. When using this product your operational costs can be lowered by 40%.

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