Water Management in Mines Will no Longer Be a Headache!

Water Management in Mines Will no Longer Be a Headache!

Dust Control through Sustainable Practices

Mining companies are key to overcoming the challenges of sustainable development, as expected in the United Nations goals. These challenges are completely different depending on the region where the mining activity takes place, which can range from the most extreme climate conditions to the most copious rainfall, not to mention the topography and the economic ecosystem itself.

The impacts of the use of water by mining activities reach social, economic and environmental levels.

The water management relates to various interested parties, such as the mining industry, adjacent communities and the environment. Where the dialogue between the first two is not always entirely affective. However, the third party needs a more positive and transparent relationship.The role of water in the mining is extremely important, intervening in areas such as:• Dust control• Hydrometallurgy, such as the recovery of minerals• Transport of materials• Water service for staffAnd this without counting the indirect uses, such as the evaporation of reserves, service to nearby communities and losses due to mismanagement. Thus having a regional impact on the quantity and quality of the surrounding water sources, decrease in underground reserves, current diversions and the increase in soil erodability.Thanks to different studies, the different stages of the mining operation cycle have been monitored before and after to assess the use of water. Understanding that this valuable resource is an integral part of all operations.

On previous occasions we have mentioned about hydroeconomics, where hydrology and economics come together in favor of the correct use of water, as well as understanding the cost-benefit-environment relationship.There are different hydroeconomic models with which to carry out studies of a mining project, where different variables of the main components are evaluated (all within a legal framework ruled by the Nation).

Water resources (hydrology)

  1. Water reserves and infrastructure
  2.  Geology
  3. Weather conditions
  4. Topography

Economic component

  1. Use of water
  2. Production
  3. Demand and supply (graphs) according to uses
  4. Designs of the water market

Thus merging a useful methodology that reveals the importance and value of water in all possible scenarios for the project, costs and environmental opportunities.On the other hand, to comply with sustainable development obligations, mining operations must manage three fundamental water services:

  • One service related to the entire mining production cycle.
  • Maintenance of the ecosystem from extraction until it is released
  • Maintenance of social and cultural needs

Having a much clearer context, you understand that you need a more appropriate management of water to start a project. And the most important, minimize its use without affecting your operations and reducing costs.

It seems impossible, right?

But it is not like that, copolymers do not affect the environment and, with the appropriate machinery, nothing complicated, you can build your mining roads avoiding the production of dust by traffic. Decreasing soil erosion where you will work for many years and avoiding health problems, as well as vehicle accidents. eoliTSS® is a product that we offer you with which you can reduce the operating costs of your company by more than 40% by reducing the use of water. Your social and environmental impact will return to normal numbers.

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