Save Costs and Save the Planet is Possible

Save Costs and Save the Planet is Possible

Hydroeconomics in Mining

Our slogan at Eco-Soil Group (ESG) is “For a Sustainable Tomorrow”. And water is one of those important elements that we must take care of for that future. It is not a vague wish, we currently have the tools to do it. Mining belongs to the industries that consume the most water worldwide (just after agriculture) at the same time Mining is the industry that invests the most in ways to promote the responsible use of this resource. The efficient management of this precious liquid is of great importance for the success or failure of your mining project.Water management, costs, benefits and social perspective = Hydroeconomics

IThis is where hydrology specialists and economists come in, collaborating to optimize management and investment in water as a valuable resource in the industry. Taking more and more relevance due to the emphasis on water as an economic asset. This science entails certain challenges, among which are:              

• The hydrological and topographic diversity where the mines are located can lead to times of scarcity and others of overabundance. With this, the value of water is forecast during periods of excess and scarcity, based on the production of your mine. In both cases, expenses are incurred: treatment of excess water, as well as a storage place, and in case of lack of water, ways to obtain it, consumption savings, among others.              

• Risk-based analyzes are required to achieve hydroeconomic analyzes due to the duration of the mining projects.

A mining project can achieve a longevity of 50 years or more. This is due to the studies that are carried out before starting the mining works, whether topographical, exploration, planning and then the closing works, such as rehabilitation of the work areas, as well as post-closure management of the mine.              

• Importance of efficient large-scale water consumption.

• Review of the social and environmental performance of the mining industry. And we need to stop at these last two points, since the problems between the mining company, the communities and the environment are well known. One side of the coin that is always mentioned is the high income generated by mining companies compared to the value of water, and on several occasions the regional impact is extremely negative. The Drainage of leached acids, mercury, cyanide, sediments, salts, hydrocarbons and even sometimes radioactive materials reach the fresh and salt water flows near the mine affecting nearby populations. All this suggests that the industry needs to seek more efficient alternatives for the use of water or its replacement in the largest number of production areas. Something that does not require much of your effort today thanks to companies (like ours) that have developed products with low or zero water consumption and with which you can reduce operating costs by up to 40%. Among the direct uses of water in mining we can mention dust suppression on highways and even in mineral crushing and processing areas. At ESG we invite you to try esoliTSS® with which you can create bearing surfaces for access to the mine, reducing the dust that rises with heavy traffic, in addition to avoiding the erosion of the soils.

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We also offer alternatives that DO NOT INCLUDE WATER, yes, dust reduction to virtually 0 without the use of this precious liquid, improving the hydro-economy of your project. Reduction in the use of water, dust control, avoid erosion, increase in the health of your workers, improve the quality of relations with the communities, be friendly to the environment, and all this with the use of two products (or one according to your needs).

Do you see how easy it is to have a sustainable tomorrow and save costs in your project? Decrease operating costs and water consumption in your Mining Projects by using our Eco-friendly and High-performing dust suppressants.

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