Build Roads And Save The Planet!

Build Roads And Save The Planet!

One of the ways to connect with other cultures and economies is through the roads. We commonly believe that they are just big highways with tall buildings on both sides, but it is the “little details that make the difference”. In this case, we refer to those small roads where a smaller number of vehicles circulate than others.

Low-Volumen Road or LVR

On these roads, we have the opportunity to change the destiny of a nation in economic matters in a simple way, with simple and constant steps. And the best thing is that with minimal environmental impact. Today, It is possible to get products aligned with a sustainable tomorrow.
Eco-Soil Group has products that will allow you to build roads quickly, easily, without unusual machinery, and with better technical and environmental advantages than cement or asphalt. With which you can help improve the economic system from one population to another.

LVR are the road arteries that lead to the main highways, that is, they are directly involved in the supply of:

• Agricultural and mining raw material
• Access to education
• Access to hospitals and healthcare systems

Health, food, and education are three main universal rights which depend on the LVR. That is why we understand the level of importance that these roads have, the interest in studying them, and the great opportunity that is presented in them to change and optimize the quality of life of many people.

However, most of these roads, which should have a vehicular flow limit of 400 and have two channels, can greatly exceed that number of cars per day and be built with only one track, sometimes just dirt and aggregates with more centuries built.

The less number of users, the less are investment funds assigned for the maintenance and restoration of roads.

And it is that unfortunately, the LVR does not receive the necessary study in the field of engineering to seek improvements and standardization of construction models.

An important fact is that despite being roads with low volume of traffic, it does not mean that the load of the vehicles is minimal. We are talking about roads that lead from mines, and farms with cargoes to distribute to markets and plants with a considerable weight, which need firm ground to reach their destination.

Thanks to the fact that they concentrate almost 70% of the road infrastructure of the countries (in some it may be more, or the only form of transport), step by step it has been given greater relevance, exploring more alternatives for planning, restoration and maintenance.

With esoliTSS® you can build low-volume roads with native soil, which will provide a surface with high CBR values, an impermeable layer that will prevent erosion, and with NO Negative Impact on the Environment.

Our team has carried out the studies designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where the product has been evaluated in specific quantities with fish and aquatic plants, demonstrating that it is not harmful to the ecosystem.

With esoliTSS® you will have at your disposal an innovative product with which you can build a kilometer of road per day. You will not need excessive maintenance and for your operators, it will not be polluting and easy to handle with adequate training.

The challenge of sustainability becomes easy with the help of eco-friendly products that also help to reduce operating costs by up to 40%. esoliTSS® is the product to improve the economy of your locality and the entire country through the construction of low-traffic roads.

Increase Productivity and Lower Operating Costs on Your Haul Roads or Your Road Construction Projects By Using Our High-performing and Eco-friendly Soil Stabilisers Copolymers Fluids.

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