You Need Cement And Lime to Stabilize Soils, Right? WRONG!

You Need Cement And Lime to Stabilize Soils, Right? WRONG!

We understand your fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. We understand that when you think about soil stabilization, road construction, erosion control, rural roads, your first thoughts are: aggregates, lime, cement and / or asphalt.

This is a paradigm that currently needs to be demolished, a necessity that is also due to the profound environmental changes that this industry (that of cement, lime, asphalt) has caused to the planet.

There is no doubt that they were extremely useful methods for the progress of contemporary society, however, change is necessary.

Yesterday’s successes no longer count for sustainable tomorrow

For practical purposes, there are disadvantages in using these materials for soil stabilization:

  • Requires long curing times
  • Large quantities of material at highly significant costs
  • Sometimes it is even necessary to mixe products (lime and cement, for example) to achieve improvements in soil properties
  • Impressive carbon footprint, the cement industry generates between 8 and 10% of global CO2 emissions

The United Nations has set goals for 2030 that include profound changes and the transformation towards sustainable development will need to be accelerated.

For this there are polymers and copolymers. Materials that have gained ground in engineering since the middle of the last century, and in terms of soil stabilization this year have been developed in an exceptional way, complying with high quality standards and market demands.

Polymers manage to hold the surface together and form semi-rigid layers that are strong and waterproof. The many advantages they offer are the following:

  • Can be used on a wide range of soils
  • Resistant to different weather conditions
  • The vast majoriy are friendly with the environment
  • They considerably raise CBR values
  • Numerous investigations confirm that they are effective, in addition to allowing cost savings since:
    • Allows the reuse of the in-situ soil to be stabilized
    • Avoid the use of deposits for removed soil, therefore, it is not necessary to pay extra taxes
    • Preparation and immediate use
    • Short-term curing process
    • You do not need complicated machinery for the application
    • Reduction in maintenance frequency

Industries such as the military, renewable energies and agriculture are betting on the use of copolymers that better respond under the same conditions in which cement, lime and asphalt are tested.

The change is inevitable, even the renowned companies for processes  standardization, evaluate the standardization of the relative sustainability of products.

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