Can we stabilize soils while taking care of the planet? Yes, We can!

Can we stabilize soils while taking care of the planet? Yes, We can!

Thousands of years of history precede current soil stabilization practices. Being one of the oldest methods the use of lime it is still used today despite its many disadvantages.

It must be clarified that the passage of lime in the stabilization of soils has left an important mark at a scientific level, useful precedents for the industry to advance forward significantly. Like cement, these two ancient titans marked an important era in the industry.

But nothing lasts forever

This world of stabilization has been created after trial and error; it has been created thanks to the human being’s need to improve every day. Currently, there are two terms that have forced scientists and chemists to design new products that benefit man without affecting the rest of the environment.       

Ecological and sustainable

More and more governments are adding restrictions to their contractors when choosing or using certain chemical products that affect the environment, that is, from now on they seek to be ecological. However, the issue does not stop there, it is not only required that they be friendly to the environment but also that they are durable and do not affect future generations.

It is there where a superior term, sustainable, comes in, a concept that revolutionizes the soil stabilization market and that raises the design of materials that are cutting-edge to be able to condition the soils effectively, according to the objectives of civil and construction projects, including road construction.

Smart cities are getting closer and closer to the present, and those two previous terms are inter-related. Not only carbon reduction is one of the main objectives of these cities because transport is one of the most polluting sectors, but it also includes more goals linked to the sustainability revolution, where more and more companies are left behind and others have taken the important step toward sustainable and greener practices.

Lime, cement, and other stabilization methods such as aggregates, are lagging behind as they have a series of disadvantages not only at an environmental level, but also are not suitable to all type of soils, and are closely tied to an industry that emits CO2 ON A LARGE SCALE.

So, are there products that meet everything we need today?

Yes, there are. Eco-Soil Group offer soil stabilizers and dust suppressants that are friendly with the environment and will help you achieve high CBR values, lower your operational costs, minimize your carbon footprint, avoid the importation of new materials, re-use site-won soils, and achieve high level of resistance.

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