Control dust, stabilize soils, and build roads in just days no matter the industry you´re in.

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Eco-Soil Group offers the best technology on the market to stabilize any type of soil. With our long-lasting technologies, you can replace entirely the inefficient old methods of soil stabilization, whether it´s using imported aggregates, lime or cement while generating no negative impact on the environment.


No matter the weather conditions or your project needs, our leading – edge technology in dust suppression delivers long-lasting results while taking care the health of your workers and surrounding communities.


Whether you are looking to build a road or a sub base layer, our environmentally friendly pioneering solutions can help you do it in a reliable and cost-effective way.


Millions of hectares of fertile ground are lost every year due to erosion, Eco-Soil Group advanced technologies help reduce wind and water erosion by keeping the soil in its place.


The conservation of the planet limited resources is at the core of what we do, which is why our technologies have been engineered to reduce significantly the use of water.

Innovation is at the base of Eco-Soil Group. Our wide range of innovative products are designed to satisfy your most rigorous needs across many industries. Our biodegradable technologies offer durability, quality and long-term performance.



(For Soil Stabilization / Road Construction)

esoliTSS® is a liquid copolymer that has been engineered to act as a soil stabilizer as well as a high performing dust suppressant fluid. Depending on application rates, esoliTSS® can fulfill your most rigorous project needs.


(For Dust Control)

Our Dust Suppressant fluid with its well-proven formula, has been developed to control dust in the most extreme weather and environmental conditions. PM10 and PM2.5 compliant!



(For Soil Stabilization)

esumTST® is our biodegradable and environmentally friendly copolymer which was specifically engineered to act as short-term solution for dust and erosion control.

All of our products have been verified by independent organizations and manufactured by the highest standard of quality. .

It is time to use NEW method to stabilize soils and suppress dust.

What if you can discover a secret methodology that will allow you to control dust in any weather conditions, traffic volume, and for long periods of time using NO water?

Here’s how it works

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Claim your FREE, No-Obligation Consultation. Here, you will tell one of our engineers what you want to accomplish in your project.
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Get your customized technical plan. Then, based on what you tell us, we will create a customized plan and solution specifically for you…FREE.
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Finally, watch your project succeed!

Bear in mind there is NO OBLIGATION for you to take up any of our products or services.

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Owen Mudenda
Owen Mudenda
I am excited and extremely happy for to having completed the Ultimate Online Course on how to become a Dust Control Expert in the Mining and Construction Operations with Eco-Soil Group® Academy. This course is very insightful and the knowledge gained will invaluable in our Dust and Road Construction Projects in Zambia.
ajay jathar
ajay jathar
It was a good experience with the company thank you
loago koosaletse
loago koosaletse
A company with very Good products for dust control which can be applied in various application. I found it very cost effective as its really durable and no need for maintenance..Its the best Product
Arunava Podder
Arunava Podder
Universal Mining Solution LLP have successfully caried out their first ever trial of ECO-SOIL Haul Road Dust Suppressant chemical in one of their highly prestigious Iron Ore Mine clients in eastern India and have been highly successful in bagging a substantial order from them. We have to apply the said chemical in this mine where the ambient temperatures reached a maximum of 45Deg C. and has a vehicle movement density of about 72 12-wheel tippers per hour.
makhdum shaikh
makhdum shaikh
prakash purbia
prakash purbia
Mr. Marc it was fantastic conversation….
Horacio Mondragon
Horacio Mondragon
Productos con mucho valor agregado para las industrias y ciudades que desean reducir la contaminación, contribuir al ciudado del medio ambiente y la seguridad de los caminos.
Maharafa Ibrahima Coulibaly
Maharafa Ibrahima Coulibaly
Great product and a very effevtive company. Definitively recommend this for your dust problems in any industry (construction, quarry, mining, etc.)
Mary Ontiveros
Mary Ontiveros

Awarded Best Soil Stabiliser/Dusting Agent
By the Swedish National Road And
Transport Research Institute

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    Eco-Soil Group is a Global Innovative Engineering Technology Company that seeks to break paradigms in the dust and erosion control, soil stabilization and roads construction industries, offering the most efficient, cost-effective and ecological products on the market. At our core, we have the experience, drive, know-howand a group of exceptional professionals which allows us to offer you a world-class quality service in record time.

    At Eco-Soil Group we believe that the conservation of the environment should be a priority. Our Technologies, biodegradable after application, can be used in almost any environment without altering the status quo of the eco-system.

    Learn more about our Corporate Responsibility Plan