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Air transport is an important facilitator of the movement of goods and people in and between countries across the globe. In addition, airports of all types, besides facilitating faster leisure travel, business travel and trade, are also large local employers and contribute hugely to the local economy activity.

Unpaved runways surfaces can be subject to significant variations in their strength and surface characteristics because of climatic effects and the effects of aircraft operations.

Eco-Soil Group´s cutting edge technologies in soil stabilization and dust suppression can help you fulfil all your needs in the aviation industry whether you are looking to stabilize the sub base of a major airport runway or improve gravel airstrips surface of private and local airports.

When you use esoliTSS® to stabilize your gravel airstrip, you can rest assure you will have the best technology available on the market that will provide pilots a safe and reliable surface to operate the aircraft.

Air transport
  • The used of in-situ soils as construction material greatly reduces the number of vehicular and machinery movements that would have been required for the hauling of airfields construction and waste materials if conventional construction methods were used.
  • Reduction in runway life – cycle costs
  • Decreased in aircraft maintenance due to the eradication of dust that ultimately damage aircrafts´ engines and parts.
  • Increased in take-off performance
  • Higher visibility for pilots by keeping gravel airstrips free from dust
  • Improved in aircraft acceleration
  • Improved in skid resistance
  • Increased in aircraft safety
  • Minimal maintenance required for airstrips

All of our products have been verified by independent organizations and manufactured by the highest standard of quality.

It is time to use NEW method to stabilize soils and suppress dust.