It´s Possible to Build Road Using No Asphalt

It´s Possible to Build Road Using No Asphalt

The power of connectivity between people, communities and regions is extremely great. Their influence scales not only on emotional levels, but on economic levels.

With connectivity we are not referring to telecoms and networks, we are talking about something much more common and with a greater impact on the development of regional and national economies. We are referring about roads, specifically rural ones. According to responses from the inhabitants of remote areas to the urban group, what they fear most is the poverty trap; many describe it as a lack of physical and social security.

Total isolation         

Its relevance is such that the impact it generates on the progress of a population is much greater than if the investment were made in health, education or agriculture in countries such as China, India and Ethiopia.

In Latin America, rural roads represent the main export route for natural resources; around 88% of these resources circulate on these roads. According to the World Bank, the significant improvements made in these roads would bring a number of positive outcomes, such as shorter access times between regions, higher productivity and therefore an increase in jobs.

Analysing it from the point of view of investment and savings, for every dollar that is invested in roads and better access roads, they represents a saving of $6 to $14 in the future for their maintenance.

An easier way to put it, for the construction of the path to progress we must spare no effort or money on it.

At the moment, rural roads are still being built with aggregates, lime and cement. Many ideas are devoted to these materials that despite being common are not the most efficient. World economic development must be linked to a sustainable path, which are possible thanks to new and advanced polymeric materials.

One of them is the use of copolymers, which serve as a binder for a large number of soils, which is why the reuse of the in-situ soil for the project is presented as direct advantages, this being an important saving in terms of mobilization of aggregates, and fuel.

The most important advantages come in the ease of the product application, the short waiting time to resume vehicular traffic, the increase in resistance and CBR of the base, and its minimal impact on the environment.

This is the description of one of our products, esoliTSS®, an avant-garde soil stabiliser used for road construction.            

If the growth of a nation is closely linked to a quality road infrastructure, Eco-Soil Group has the necessary technology to develop ecological rural roads, directly raising the life expectancy of the inhabitants of populations far from urban centres.

Such is the importance that it is among the goals for sustainable development of the United Nations. That is why we invite you to be part of global progress, building more and better roads with us, connecting regions towards the future that deserve.

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