How To Increase Your Wind Farms Productivity By Controlling Dust

How To Increase Your Wind Farms Productivity By Controlling Dust

It is no secret to anyone that changes is inevitable, renewable energies are here to stay and make our world a better place for future generations. And among them, one of the best known is wind energy, through the implementation of turbines in farms destined to the production of electrical energy thanks to the passage of the wind.

Wind energy constitutes around 18% of the world’s power generation. A figure that of course is on the rise, in addition to the growing incentive and call from the authorities, such as the United Nations.

The United Nations’ sustainable global development program has more than 17 goals, including “Affordable and Clean Energy”, which further supports the generation of electrical energy through resources that could be called “infinite.”

However, the growth of wind farms coupled with the great demand for electricity by the industrial sector leaves far behind the issue of maintenance for turbines in general. And it is that they are totally exposed to the onslaught of the weather. And in further exposure to a silent enemy, the dust.

Dust seriously affects humans and the lung and cardiovascular diseases it can cause are well known. Any industry must know the complications that dust can generate in its machinery, and the turbines in wind farms with more emphasis. Any reduction in energy production is a loss in profitability of the large investment that renewable energy farms need.

Maintenance for wind turbines can be carried out in different ways, be it mechanical maintenance, preventive maintenance and current ones that are focused on predictive maintenance and elimination of possible failures.

For the most part – the failures – are all caused by a minute element and that depending on the climatic conditions of the region where the farm is located, it will or will not occur to a greater extent. We are talking about dust, small particles of different elements that can be from the same region or are from the well-known “fugitive dust”, generated in industries and populations much more distant and that, thanks to the same wind that enables the operation of the turbines, arrive to the blades affecting even internal parts of the engine.

Although we believe that being extremely large machines require complicated maintenance, most failures can be avoided with just dust control. Quickly and easily, and with a good maintenance and dust control plan, the productivity of the wind farm will not be affected.

Nowadays, the use of water is common practice to control fugitive dust however, it´s the most inefficient and time-consuming method of all. First, it requires large amount of water, many water trucks which in turn consume fuel, and constant applications to keep the dust down.

Integrity and sustainability must be on par with dust control, and today it is a reality with copolymeric products and/or synthetic fluids that help keep the enemy of renewable energy in line. esoilTSS® and econTDS® allow you to control dust in your wind or solar farm for long period of times. It usually requires one application to control dust for months even years.

Eco-Soil Group, aligned with the objectives for sustainable development, provides you with environmentally friendly solutions that will allow the expected profitability on your farm, increasing the useful life of the turbines.

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