Is It Possible to Control Dust Without Water? Yes, It Is

Is It Possible to Control Dust Without Water? Yes, It Is

It is one of the words that is emerging to belong to that guide in the future towards the new world. It is the description of what is mostly not currently being done; that for which many of us are now engaging in a new struggle. It is the perfect match for our future.


On the other hand, we know the indiscriminate use of one of our most precious resources: water. More than 53% of the world’s population does not have an intermediate water supply according to a report by the World Health Organization.

This resource is not only necessary at the sanitary level, for the industrial sector, although it is not taken into account with enough importance, water is found in each of the operations that are carried out. If we talk about the mining industry, the level of water use is overwhelming. More than 6,000 litres every hour (a part is recycled).

Nowadays, water is still being used as the main dust suppression method. You can spend around 4 or 5 litres per square meter, that is, for a section of 5 kilometres long by 25 metres wide, more than 500,000 litres of water would be used.

And not a litre can be recycled

Most of this water that is used in the mines is fresh water, since the sea water can contaminate the mineral. As a suppression method it is far from being used effectively in the long term. Its consequences at the regional and global level are devastating.

That is why the change must begin now, not only because of responsibility towards future generations, but also because of responsibility towards oneself as a conscious human being, as a leader of a company committed to its team and the environment.

Controlling dust without using water is possible, in fact it is a reality. For the mining industry, it is an innovative method that will bring benefits, with simple applications and unmatched long-term effectiveness.

It´s possible to reduce dust to levels close to 0, to improve road visibility, thus avoiding accidents in the internal roads of the mine, higher production, prevention of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases caused by PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles with just one application of a single product. It´s even possible to control dust for months even years with only one application.

Eco-Soil Group has the technology needed to mitigate dust without water and with a single application. With products such as econTDS® and esoliTSS® and the support of our team of engineers, we can help you achieve your objectives in a sustainable and efficient way.

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