How to Control Dust on Your Mining Stockpiles

How to Control Dust on Your Mining Stockpiles

It is not in my interest to scare you from the start, but it is very important that you know the consequences of fugitive coal dust generated in your mine’s stockpiles.

“Once contracted, there is no cure for silicosis, it is an irreversible disease”

Among the different systems of storage and distribution of material used in the mines are the stockpiles, which can be used for a short term or a much longer term, where you can stock sand, coal, aggregates, asphalt and any other valuable material in mining and construction.

These stockpiles are fundamental pieces for your mine or construction operations since they allow you easy access to raw material quickly, trucks arrive at it and load or unload what you need, in addition, it does not require the creation of a confined space if you will use it for a short time.

But like the Moon, coal stockpiles have a dark side. And no, we are not talking precisely about the coal. Stockpiles carry a major problem that needs to be solved: particulate matter, also known as Dust.

Climatic conditions, wind speed as well as the height of the stockpiles, are factors that are taken into account for their formation.

It´s very common that the dust emissions in a mine come from the haul roads (vehicular traffic) and from the stockpiles. The dust can cause:

  1. Cardiovascular problems
  2. Lung diseases such as silicosis (yes, the same one that we mentioned as incurable).
  3. Formation of Brown Clouds that impede the visibility of truck operators, which can be fatal for your workers.
  4. Fugitive dust can reach unsuspected places, causing mechanical and electronic failures of your machinery and damaging filters.

And that’s just to mention a few. I´m not even counting one that is more likely than you think: affect nearby populations in the same way as your workers who know the risks of working in a mine and have personal protective equipment.

The solution is simple, and you should not worry if you take the measures and recommendations that I will give you below.

The 2 words that you will learn with us are: prevention and control

With prevention, I invite you to evaluate the height of your stockpiles to make them less susceptible to the effects of the wind, thus avoiding the escape of coal dust, or sand.

You should also include the unloading or loading height on the stockpiles or trucks. There are other ways, such as planting plants, bush, grass, which reduces the erosion of the stockpile thanks to the climate. There are wind breakers that counteract the effect of the wind on the stockpiles.

Control, this is the step where we will focus since you can prevent and reduce the effects of fugitive dust, however the continuous movement of sand, transfer, loading and unloading on the stockpile will allow the free movement of the particulate material.

You must control, and the first option that appears today, unfortunately, in mining manuals on dust control is: “spray water during periods of times distributed throughout the day.” But you have found this article because you are a conscientious person and understand that your project can go hand in hand with the word of the moment, sustainability.

  1. Control dust to levels close to zero
  2. A single application
  3. Effectivity  of months even years
  4. And environmentally friendly: YOU DO NOT NEED WATER

econTDS® is the product that you need to control dust for long-period of times in your stockpiles and haul roads. It´ll allow you to decrease your operational costs, cut your water consumption entirely, and reduce your maintenance costs while being friendly with the environment.

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