Why Must We Take Seriously Air Pollution

Why Must We Take Seriously Air Pollution

If we mention air pollution, the first thing you think of is “dust”, right? If we also ask you how big it is, you would answer “very small”, are we right again? Air pollution or pollution is a world-wide known issue, but in a superficial way. The reality is much stronger, our population growth has been exponential and it is the main cause of pollution.

The general dust that pollutes our vital air is the union of multiple compounds that silently wreak havoc. Carbon monoxide, sulphur and nitrogen oxides, lead particles, hydrocarbon residues, among others, make up the select range of polluting substances that we breathe every day. No, it is not just “dust” that you consume when you inhale air.

Do you remember that your possible answer would be “very small” regarding the size of these particles? Its size is negligible –totally opposite to its dangerousness- these particles reach sizes of only 0.000002m. Managing to enter our circulatory system and cause cardiovascular disease.

Air pollution affects not only the lungs, but also the heart, causing millions of deaths around the world. In the long term, the effects reach the recognized greenhouse effect, bringing pollution to a cycle.

Certain conditions can reinforce pollution: atmospheric pressure, rain, winds, topography of the land. The sources of generation of these polluting particles are many: natural, agricultural and industrial.

Spores, volcanic ashes, degraded biological materials, are among the sources of natural contamination. However, those caused by man are still the most relevant and devastating. The urbanization of zones, industrial growth, and traffic congestion are generators of pollution in high quantities.

Different studies show that pollution affects all aspects of our life, whether from the economic, health, nutritional, agricultural, and viable point of view. Even so, it is still considered trivial.

It should not be like that. Decreasing concentrations of particulate matter in the air can significantly reduce consultations for childhood asthma in hospitals in rural or poor populations. Harvests on farms would increase, improving not only the quality of the product but gradually improving the economic system by which they are governed.

Take for example a mine. The production and general mood of the workers would increase by improving the conditions of the work environment by carrying out the necessary dust control on the access roads. Absences for health reasons decrease. Transportation effectiveness grows with a good dust control maintenance plan.

With just a few steps we can achieve that change we all want. We can adopt certain habits individually: reduce electricity consumption, use public transport or avoid making unnecessary trips in cars, use ecological paints, perform maintenance on your vehicle periodically.

At an industrial level, improvements can be made to reduce air pollution. The main thing is to check what methods they are using to control the dust generated. The goal will always be to find ecological solutions. For immediate alternatives we offer you that route.

A wide variety of dust suppressants exist on the market with counterproductive effects on our habitat. Products that become corrosive are leached with precipitation. And the one that, in the XXI century, a century of ecological awareness, continues to be used despite having all the factors against it: water.

Understanding that we are part of a whole, an ecosystem, technological advances have made it possible to develop dust suppressants that are totally friendly to the environment, also with immediate and lasting results. The days of using water as a dust suppressant are long gone. A sustainable tomorrow is possible.

With our dust suppressant synthetic fluid econTDS® you can control dust for long period of times with no water. Our product is friendly with the environment, non-corrosive, control dust for months and even years with only one application, and reduce dust to levels close to 0. It does all that with immediate results and safely.

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