Can Dust be the Decisive Factor In a Military Mission?

Can Dust be the Decisive Factor In a Military Mission?

After completing a long period of training, months of planning, a logistics and technology team working to coordinate the best place, the best time, and the cutting-edge equipment; the day arrives to complete a mission of the utmost importance, however, all fail. This is due to a tiny factor that was not considered and that violated any technological advance in weapons.

Dust is present EVERYWHERE

Decreased visibility for landing and sighting of enemies, jamming of weapons, failure of the helicopters engines and other vehicles. Not to mention that in the operations base the same conditions can occur where air quality is compromised as a result of dust.

Therefore, the mission success rate is drastically reduced. But not all are problems in the military industry. In fact, thanks to it, the soil stabilization and dust control industry has reached very high optimization levels.

Since the Second World War, the different military components, at first the American army, and then the rest of the world, have worked to find answers to the causes and consequences of dust in the military field, obtaining excellent results for global well-being.

Dust control in the military industry is of utmost importance and it has played an important role to complete any mission. In addition, fugitive dust is an environmental problem that can be perfectly prevented with the use of chemical products.

Over the years, military research laboratories have created equipment that captures the particles present in certain areas (most of them where the base of operations is located or nearby where a mission will be carried out) to create a library of particles where scientists and researchers can review at any time.

By periodically changing these artifacts, it is possible to predict the levels of chemical elements that can be toxic in the environment and at what time of the year they will be abundant. Of course, the attention will be taken by the smallest particles, which directly affect the health of people, animals, vegetation, and fauna in general. Remember: we all belong to an ecosystem.

Good road design, maintenance, and topical coating applications are critical in keeping fugitive dust down in any industry, not just in the military. Nowadays, there are different products that can help you to control dust; however, not all of them comply with the high standards and environmental guidelines required by environmental entities.

Eco-Soil Group has at your disposal a wide variety of products that, thanks to the different studies on soil and dust control, are able to adapt to any area and type of soil and meet the expectations of any client. Not only that, thinking about a sustainable tomorrow, our products are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

econTDS® was specially designed for dust control without using water, which is totally ideal for common arid areas in the military industry. Our dust control agent is able to control fugitive dust for months with only one application, reducing long-term operational costs. We also have esumTST® and esoliTSS®, which can help you control erosion and stabilise any type of soils.

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