Soil Erosion is More Dangerous Than you Think

Soil Erosion is More Dangerous Than you Think

When we talk about erosion, it´s simply soil particles that have been removed from their original resting position and become sediment.

This sediment can be transported by the force of the air or by currents of water for great distances until it reaches places where you do not want it to remain.

Water, whether in the form of rain or nearby streams, is considered the factor with the greatest force for soil erosion, thus degrading the weaker external layers of the soil and carrying the sediment to other sources of water that are of utmost importance for fauna and even for the processes in your project.

Sediment implies soil displacement

These particles when they reach streams and rivers remain on the surface of the water for long periods of times causing what we know as turbidity. Although it seems nothing serious, it is. And it is important you know its consequences and effects to develop preventive control plans for your future project.

An example of this is the lack of sunlight that aquatic plants receive which results in a decrease in the amount of oxygen for fish.

Another effect is that these sediments are not just sand or soil, it can also bring used fertilizers, heavy metals, pesticides and of course, diseases or organisms that contain them. Due to the water cycle, these effects can be reflected in biological problems on your employees or communities around your work operations (mine, construction, farm, etc.)

Another way of looking at it is with numbers. Around 32% of annual expenses caused by sediment damage go to cleaning and dredging shipping channels and ports. 5% is to remove turbidity from public water sources. Almost 20% in losses due to destroyed storage spaces, and another similar percentage in lagoons caused by sediment deposition. More than 13% in damage, sediment removal, cleaning, and general maintenance.

If the impact of erosion on the water was not understood in this way, we offer you a monetary point of view. In one year, these percentages have been reflected in total figures of $270 million dollars for costs due to contamination due to sediments.

And although the effects can continue, I´d like to talk to you about the solution to all those problems. esoliTSS® is a last generation copolymer fluid that will help you prevent soil erosion in your project. With a single application, you will control soil erosion for months.

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