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Landfilling, defined as the disposal, compression and embankment fill of waste at appropriate sites, has served mankind for much longer than any alternative disposal option.

Whether you have mineral waste landfills for combustion ashes, hazardous waste landfills, specific industrial landfills serving a single industry, or municipal waste landfills receiving a mixture of municipal waste, construction, and demolition waste, waste from small industries and minor quantities of hazardous waste, you can count on Eco-Soil Group´s state-of-the-art solutions for haul roads stabilization, dust control and erosion control in your landfill.

Haul roads are the backbone of every landfill, allowing millions of pounds of waste to be safely and efficiently disposed of. With our innovative technologies you can rest assure your haul roads will last for years with minimum maintenance required.

  • Our products can help you control water and traffic erosion thus decreasing operational costs and safety issues.
  • Protect your workers from the high risk exposure to fugitive dust
  • Increased in turn-around times.
  • Avoid costly penalties by local and national air quality regulators
  • Keep your surrounding communities free of air pollution and odour
  • Increased in driver visibility by keeping your haul roads dustless
  • Many landfills use water from the local municipality at a cost or tap into local rivers or important aquifers, which should be reserved for times of drought, to control dust. Our dust suppressant econTDS® needs no water to suppress dust.
  • No need for regular road maintenance in the form of reshaping and re-compacting your haul road. One application of our soil stabilizer esoliTSS™ can last for months and years.
  • Increased in delivery times by keeping your haul roads free of potholes

All of our products have been verified by independent organizations and manufactured by the highest standard of quality.

It is time to use NEW method to stabilize soils and suppress dust.