Renewable Energy

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Global energy demand is growing at an ever-increasing rate, owing to the rising number of people worldwide and the progress in the well-being of societies and industry. Within this ever-increasing demand, renewable energies play an important role in the growing evolution towards reducing carbon in the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas pollutants.

By adhering us to the United Nation´s Sustainable Development Goals, Eco-Soil Group is committed to ecological sustainable practices in our field of expertize in soil stabilization, dust suppression, road construction and erosion control. All of our products were designed thinking always on the planet, which is why our technologies are non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Our unique and innovative technology in dust suppression stops in its track the accumulation of dust particles on the surface of solar cells, which if not done properly, it will cause a significant reduction in the intensity of solar radiation reaching the surface of the PV module and results in a marked deterioration in the conversion of solar energy into electricity. Accumulation of fine dust particles causes more degradation in PV performance than larger particles, which is why our products were developed to be PM10 and PM2.5 compliant.

Recent studies have shown that the origin of the dust that accumulate on solar cells and on turbine blades came from unpaved gravel roads within solar and wind farms. Eco-Soil Group´s leading-edge solutions in soil stabilization and dust suppression can help you keep your access roads and internal roads free of dust at a fraction of the cost than if you use traditional methods.

Within this sector, our technologies can be applied in:

  • Solar Farms
  • Wind Farms
  • Increase solar farm performance by preventing the accumulation of dust particles on the surface of solar cells. The effect of dust particles can reduce photovoltaic performance by up to 85%.
  • Stops the degradation of solar cell efficiency by keeping dust on the ground.
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint
  • More economical than traditional methods
  • Increase the service life or solar and wind farms
  • Increased in wind turbine output
  • Prevents dust accumulation on the wind turbine blade surface and on the blade leading edge
  • Prevents the degradation of wind turbine airfoils caused by dust
  • Keeps your turbine blades surfaces smooth by preventing the build-up of dust

All of our products have been verified by independent organizations and manufactured by the highest standard of quality.

It is time to use NEW method to stabilize soils and suppress dust.