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Considered being the biggest sector in the world in terms of dollar value, the oil and gas sector is a global powerhouse using hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide and generating hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year.

Unfortunately, road accidents represents an under recognized safety hazard for people working in the oil & gas industry. Worldwide evidence suggests that the leading cause of occupational fatalities is road traffic crashes. In fact, about 50% of occupational fatalities are road related

With this problem in mind, Eco-Soil Group has developed pioneering soil stabilization and dust suppression technologies to help mitigate traffic crashes by providing the best solution on the market in soil stabilization that will keep roads free of potholes and dust.

Our highly experienced team of engineers work hand-in-hand with customers to advice on a unique and cost saving solution to construct and maintain roads to your production sites, drilling pads, well pads, storage tanks, hardstands and pipe yards.

  • Significantly improved safety and site conditions.
  • Elimination of dust in your upstream, midstream and downstream operations.
  • Increased driver visibility on access roads to oil drills.
  • Protection of your pipeline from erosion.
  • More economical than traditional methods
  • Improve safety of your workers
  • Avoid costly penalties by environmental regulators
  • Cost-effective solutions with long lasting results
  • Improve working conditions in your production facilities by keeping dust under control.
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint
  • Reduction in road maintenance costs

All of our products have been verified by independent organizations and manufactured by the highest standard of quality.

It is time to use NEW method to stabilize soils and suppress dust.